Xbox Mods

We mod Xboxes and sell pre-mods, and we do it at a very low price per unit. That’s all there is to it. Chances are you found this page because you are interested in such services, and as such we’re not going to waste time on some fancy sales pitch. We enjoy modding and like to spread the sweet, sweet hacker love onto the masses. Here is a list of some of the key things an Xbox modded by us will do:

Here is a basic list of our products/services (or see the table of prices if you already know what you want):

TSOP Flash Service: We will flash any v1.0-v1.5 (Email us if you’re not sure about your version) Xbox’s bios with an Xecuter replacement. You ship your Xbox to us along with return postage and we will send it back to you modded usually within 24 hours. The cost for this is $20.00 US.

Cheapmod Install Service: We will install a chip on your Xbox that contains the Xecuter bios and the original Xbox bios, and build a switch toggle between the two. With the original bios switched on your Xbox will behave just like it a newborn Xbox, which will allow you to use Xbox Live without fear of Bill Gates conjuring demons to blow your ‘box up. With the modified bios you’ll get all the benefits of a modded box for when you’re not using Live. The cost for this is $45 US including all the parts.

TSOP-flashed Pre-mod: We will send you a brand new Xbox with the controller and all the cables, manuals, styrofoam and other various crap inside the retail box that it ships in. You’d never know it was modded until BAM! - you turn it on and you can do all this cool stuff and your friends are green with envy and girls want to stroke your hair. I personally recommend this to anyone who doesn’t already have a box, since you pay half the shipping you would if you had to send your ‘box out. These go for $195 US.

Cheapmod Pre-mod: Same as above, but with a toggle switch to keep you from getting haxored by Microsoft on Xbox Live. This unit costs $220 US.

Hard Drive Installation: A hard drive upgrade is STRONGLY recommended if you’re serious about getting the most out of your mod. The cost is prohibitive, but well worth it. With a large hard drive you can keep your games inside your Xbox so you’ll never need the disc again, and you won’t have to go through the hassle of trying to get your Xbox’s DVD drive to read burned media consistently. Your disc will be protected (unless you just rented it and ripped it, you filthy pirate) and your games will load much faster (about 3 times by my calculation). This will also allow you to store more Divx movies, MP3s, emulator ROMs, etc. A smart decision you won’t regret, and we charge next-to-nothing for the service. If you already have a hard drive to install you can send it along with your Xbox, or if not you can save a bit on shipping by buying a hard drive online and having it sent to us. A third option is to allow us to buy a hard drive for you (we won’t try to overcharge you – don’t worry). The cost for the HDD installation is $20 US.

Mod Chip Installation/Pre-mod: We can install a ‘real’ mod chip for you for $25 if you so desire. We don’t recommend it, but if you’re set on having one and afraid of screwing up then send it our way. Alternatively, you can add $200 to the price of the chip and we’ll build a pre-mod for you.

The Ultimate Super-Box: This is for people who want to get all the bells and whistles from the start so they never have to look back. It consists of a brand new Xbox with a flashed bios, the bundled software (Email for details) installed, a pre-installed and formatted 160GB hard drive, and all of the retail parts/accessories/packaging for $315 (TSOP-flashed) or $340 (switch-able cheapmod) US. Or subtract $160 ($155/$180) to have this package applied to an Xbox you send us.

Options: Of course it would be redundant to list and price every possible combination of services, so if you would like a quote, please Email us. Let’s say you want "The Ultimate" with a 200GB hard drive instead, or a pre-mod but you don’t need cables or a controller. Would you like us to install a mod chip you already bought somewhere else?

A handy-dandy table of prices:

Hard Drive Installation Mod Chip Installation
Your HDD New HDD Your Chip New Chip
Pre-mod  $195.00  $220.00  $195.00  $195.00 
+ $HDD 
X  X 
Send-in  $20.00  $45.00  $20.00  $20.00 
+ $HDD 
$25.00  $25.00 
+ $chip 

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Of course you are responsible for shipping charges and the reliability of the carrier. We suggest using a traceable shipping method. The same thing goes for the packaging. Although pre-mods come with the protective styrofoam and whatnot, when you send us a ‘box we will send it back to you in the same packaging you used whenever possible. If some cheeky postman decides to play soccer with it and it breaks, we can’t be responsible.

Don’t try sending us a broken Xbox in hopes that we will take the blame. If you know your box is broken and send it to us that way, don’t expect us to just fix it for free. If you really want to have it fixed along with a mod order, that can be arranged, but Email us first please.

Okay, so you can do illegal stuff with your modded Xbox. Everyone knows that. I don’t care what you do, and I’m not responsible. I provide these Xboxes under the assumption that only fine, upstanding citizens with patriotic stickers on their cars will buy them and won’t do anything shady with them. If you use your modded Xbox to break some law YOU broke the law, just like if you used your un-modded Xbox as a blunt weapon to kill your wife and her lover YOU are a murderer, not Microsoft.